Registration and activities

  1. KoDa Woningbeheer has no registration procedure at the office. During office hours, you can make an appointment for a viewing. During these viewings, a registration form is provided if you would like to become eligible for the accommodation shown. The form, together with a report from KoDa Woningbeheer, is forwarded to the owner. As soon as the owner has granted approval, KoDa Woningbeheer prepares a lease. After the brokerage fee has been paid, you receive the key to your new accommodation. 

  2. If the accommodation is not allocated, the registration form remains valid for 1 year. 

  3. The activities of KoDa Woningbeheer are limited to viewing accommodations, advising landlords and home seekers and preparing leases.


  1. Before an agreement is reached, home seekers are required to submit valid identity documents and pay slips to KoDa Woningbeheer.

  2. All offers of accommodations or business premises made by KoDa Woningbeheer, both written and verbal, are without obligation. Home seekers cannot derive any rights from this. 

  3. If home seekers become eligible for an accommodation for which a residence permit is required, obtaining this permit will be at the expense and risk of the home seeker.

  4. If mediation by KoDa Woningbeheer results in a lease, the home seekers will owe a brokerage fee at lease signing.

Brokerage fees

The fee charged for all accommodations is 1 month's gross rent (incl. 21% VAT).

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